About Satworld Capital Pvt Ltd

We are in the business of Loans, Insurance, Investments, Mutual Funds, Broking, Credit Cards, & other products and services.


Personal, Home, Mortgage, Business(Secured or Unsecured) MSME(Secured or Unsecured) Auto(New or Used)


General, Vehicle, Health and Life


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In order to be the one point contact to fulfill most of the financial requirements of our clients with best services, best quality and at best possible prices, a group of highly experienced, confident & passionate professionals, joined together to establish “Sat World Capital Pvt Ltd”. We are committed & positively look forward to add quality & value to all our clients in all possible areas through superior Projects, Products & Services at the best prices. We intend to cater most of the financial products and services and deals with all types of Loans, Insurance, Investments, Mutual Funds, Broking, Credit Cards and other products and services.

We have started “Sat World Capital Pvt Ltd” with a Vision, a Mission, 6 Core Values and 4 basic principles in the year 2018.


Vision – “To be the most admired company in all aspects by delivering the best products and services with the best quality at the best possible price”.

Mission – “To be the best through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment with an aggressive strategic marketing at competitive prices to provide the best value for our client’s and their money”.

Core Values

  • Integrity – Know and do what’s right.
  • Honesty – Being truthful in what we speak and also the work we do.
  • Respect – Treating everyone the way we want to be treated.
  • Responsibility – Take ownership of the work and fulfill by ensuring all social & moral responsibilities. 
  • Positive Attitude – Being cheerful and setting our minds to look for and to be the best in all situations.
  •  Gratitude – Being thankful to everyone for their kind support & association.

Basic Principles

1. Best Quality & Best Service – Quality is first for us in everything we do and we are determined to provide the best services. To add quality to lives of people is one of the main mottos of establishing this company. We are committed & will work hard to not to compromise on quality and the service.

2. Best Price & Value for Money – We would be offering all our products and services at the Best Price. We do not believe in and do not want to increase the base price & keep a room for negotiation. We are firm to go with one uniform price for all our clients irrespective of their negotiation skills, so that, there is no ambiguity in anybody’s mind about the best price. Along with the Best Price, we also ensure utmost value for your hard earned money through best of the best projects, products and services. We take all precautions and plan well to ensure you the excellent return on your investments.

3. Trust & Long-term Relationship – Trust of our esteemed clients is one of the most important elements for us. We consider each of our client and associates as a member of SAT WORLD family. We positively look forward only for the long-term relationship and association.

4. Commit & Honor – We are committed to commit, what we can honor practically. We are in NO Hurry to grow, by giving false and unrealistic hopes & promises. It is really not important for us to see how big we commit; instead it is most important for us to honor what we commit.

We really dream BIG and are confident of making BIG at “Sat World Capital Pvt Ltd”. We are a young & motivated group of professionals, set out to clear the clutter in the market by exploring many avenues, many worlds and many opportunities through our affordable and innovative products, projects & services. Let’s join our Family — Let’s walk & grow together — Let’s celebrate our family’s success.

Board of Directors

Mr. Satish Karekannappala – Director & Authorized Signatory

Mr. Satish Karekannappala is a graduate in commerce with master’s degree in Finance & Marketing. He has got more than 18 years of experience with various big institutions in different segments like financial products, Banks, Stock Market, Real Estate, BPOs, Call Centers, Manufacturing, distribution and various other industries.

Mr. Vijay Kumar L Mankani – Director

Mr. Vijay Kumar L Mankani is a graduate in arts. He has got more than 45 years of experience with various big institutions in different segments like financial products, Stock Market, FMCG, Marketing and Real Estate.

Both the directors are Confident, Self Motivated and highly Passionate Professionals. Both the directors have successfully lead large teams, held responsible senior positions and achieved various big milestones in their previous organizations, in different industries; hence together, it is a very competitive team. Both are pledged and committed to adhere to company’s vision, mission, core values and basic principles. 

We are presently serving many prestigious organizations & clients, all across Bangalore & Karnataka. We are proud to say that, all our clients are well satisfied with our timely service, quality and price. References can be provided upon request. We are growing strong & steady in acquiring new clients and positively look forward to have you as one of our esteemed clients.